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Reading for Life and Social Skills

This course is designed to develop and strengthen reading skills for greater success in everyday life. Time will be utilized to develop social skills through small group activities.

4—5:30 pm 5/10/17 to 6/14/17
(6 Sessions)


The Bubbling Gourmet

This cooking course is designed to teach basic cooking. Students will be taught how to improve their culinary skills and will prepare quick, easy and healthy meals! Held off site, please call for directions.

5—7:00pm 5/9/17 to 6/13/17
(6 Sessions)


The Cyber Explorer

This course will offer the participant a chance to become more familiar with the basics of computer use. Various computer and web games will be used to help the user build new skills. E-mail, Internet Exploration and Internet Safety will be taught and practiced.

4—5:30pm 5/12/17 to 6/16/17
(6 Sessions)

Creative Arts and Crafts

Students explore their creativity and personal expression through a variety of imaginative arts and crafts projects.

Not Offered This Spring


Math Matters

This course is designed to heighten mathematical skills used for daily living and build confidence handling money. Students will practice basic use of a calculator and learn techniques such as writing a check, managing a budget and making change.

5/10/17 to 6/14/17
(6 Sessions)


The Savvy Driver

This course is designed to review the New Jersey Driver’s Manual and to assist the student in understanding the rules of the road. This course will help the student understand the manual and better prepare them to take the test for the NJ Driver's Permit.

5/8/17 to 6/26/17
(8 Sessions)


Yoga for Better Living

This course is designed to improve strength, flexibility and balance through the practice of yoga. This class combines physical poses to enhance tone with breathing techniques for relaxation. The goal is to improve overall health and body image with greater self-confidence. Strengthening social skills will be the focus of the last half hour as participants will enjoy a greater sense of community with emphasis on respect and empathy. Bring a snack to enjoy.

5/8/17 to 6/12/17
(6 Sessions)

1 : 1 Tutoring Available $75/hr
Please Call the Office at (908) 221-0801


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All participants are required to have a Release of Information on file at Bethel Ridge updated every year. If you are planning to attend classes or a special event and have not submitted a Release Form, you can download one below and bring in or mail to the Bethel Ridge office. Thank you. 


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